General Information

General Information (Updated 16 November 2015)



Full Conference (22-25 November 2015)
  • Deadline of Early Bird

–       Delegate $500

–       Student   $300

15 October 2015

·       Deadline of Regular

–       Delegate $600

–       Student   $400

16 October – 31 October 2015
Travelling Seminar (26 November 2015)

·       Deadline of reservation

–       Delegate /Student   $100

31 October 2015
Abstract Submission
  • Deadline of Abstract Submission
15 October 2015
  • Notification of Abstract
No later than 22 October 2015

The presenter  MUST register and payment for the conference within 15 days since the first day of paper announcement.

Conference Scholarship Application
  • Deadline of Scholarship applications
15 October 2015
  • Notification of Scholarship
No later than 22 October 2015























  1. Oral Presentation
    • Presenter’s Responsibilities
  • Presenters must prepare a PowerPoint presentation using Arial font size 60 for Heading and size 44 for subheading and record those files on word version 2007 or later.
  • PowerPoint presentation should be in topics for lectures, not in detailed contents and should not exceed 15 slides. The first slide should be title and presenter’s name.
  • Presenters must register for presentation at a registration area in front of a meeting room at least 30 minutes before the presentation.
  • Presentation Guideline
  • Presenter has 12 minutes for Oral Presentation; 8 minutes to present and 4 minutes to respond to questions.
  • There is one Chairperson in each meeting room.
    • Equipment provided in each meeting room
  • Computer PC
  • Projector
  • Microphone
  • Speakers
  • Language translation (English – Thai, Thai – English)
    • Previews Rooms
  • Presenter for Oral Presentation delivers a presentation file at the Administration Room-Montha 2 (Ground Floor), Dhevaraj Hotel on Sunday, 22 November 2015 at 10.00 – 17.00 hrs.
  • Instruction:
  1. Process to the Administration Room (Montha 2)
  2. Upload your presentation file(s) to the assigned computer;
  • Computer #1 for presentation in Bussarakum 1
  • Computer #2 for presentation in Morakot
  • Computer #3 for presentation in Pailin
  1. Our staffs would proceed your files to the presentation room on 23 November 2015

If you have any question(s) please contact our staffs at Administration Room

  1. Poster Presentation
  • Presenters must prepare 80 cm X 120 cm poster.
  • Topic includes title, researcher’s name, abstract, introduction, research methods, research results, discussions, applying of research results, and bibliography.
  • Instruction:
  1. Process to the Administration Room (Montha 2)
  2. Put up your poster to the assigned place from 16.00 of 22 November 2015. Our staffs would prepare pins and adhesive tape for you. (Your name, country and Abstract Code would present at the assigned board.)
  3. At 18.30 of 23 November 2015, your posters would be moved by our staffs to Grand Ball Room for presentation session. Presentation sessions would be held at Grand Ballroom during the lunch break of 24 – 25 November 2015.
  4. You could take back your posters after 17.00 of 25 November 2015 at Grand Ballroom.

If you have any question(s) please contact our staffs at Administration Room



Your Passport (or ID card for Thai delegates) is needed to pick up your registration package before attending any conference activities. Name badges are required to enter the presentation rooms including the Opening ceremony and Welcome Reception on 22 November 2015 and Conference Banquet Loy Kratong Festival on 25 November 2015.

(Registration hour: 8.30 – 16.00, 22-24 November 2015)

  • 22 November 2015

Time: 10.00 – 18.00

Venue: Front Desk, Ground Floor, Dhevaraj Hotel

  • 23-24 November 2015

Time: 08.00 – 10.00

Venue: Front Desk, Ground Floor, Dhevaraj Hotel

  • 25 November 2015

Time: 07.30 – 08.30

Venue: Front Desk, Ground Floor, Dhevaraj Hotel



You can find all conference materials in your conference bag. All abstract papers are in the USB flash drive.



Please wear your badge at all times during the conference, Welcome Reception & Opening Ceremony, Gala Dinner, Site Visit, and Travelling Seminar. It’s give you access to all meetings which you have registered.



English and Thai







  • Normal, Vegetarian, and Muslim
  • Lunch and coffee break will be available on 23 – 25 November at the Conference.



There are two types of logos, indicating the safety and standard of the food and the places where the food is served.

  1. The logo Clean Food Taste Good refers to the restaurants or food vendors which have passed the required standard and the test of coliform bacteria in the food content S1-2.
  1. The sign “Q” refers to the quality standard of the agriculture and food products, from where they are grown along the chain till reaching the consumers (From Farm To Table). The restaurants showing the “Q” logo have therefore attained the quality and safety of the food being served.


Thailand’s electrical current is 220 V; 50 cycles and sockets is varied. A plug adaptor is required because of the variety of the sockets. The sockets usually accommodate both flat prongs (like in the U.S. and Japan) and round prongs (like much of Europe and Asia). Actually, most receptacles in Thailand are two prong, missing the third grounding/earthing prong at the bottom. However, the newest office and condominium dwellings usually offer the third prong due to increased awareness of the importance of grounding for both safety and equipment damage reasons.



You could find more information about the mobile phone network and mobile internet through this website; Click Here :


It is very easy to get a sim card from the counter at the airport when you arrive. Three big mobile phone service providers are available. And the price of the sim card could be from THB 0 to 199 (depends on the package). But check your mobile phone first whether it applicable for the network in Thailand.



The Thai Baht (THB) is the common currency, USD 1 is approximately THB 35. Foreign currencies may be exchanged at banks or authorized exchange offices. Airport Rail Link Station (Phaya Thai Station), International airports and larger hotels also offer currency exchange services but the best rate would be at the authorized exchange offices. They can also be obtained from local ATM machines. Major credit cards including Master card and Visa are accepted in large hotels, car rental companies and stores in the main cities. However, credit cards are unlikely to prove useful in small towns or shops away from tourist areas. There is absolutely NO mandatory requirement to tip anyone, but small gratuities for great service are very much appreciated.



Arriving Thailand at Suvarnnabhumi International Airport (BKK)

This international airport is located at 28 km from the center of Bangkok and is served by buses, taxis and train. But the flight from Bangkok to Nan province is NOT available from Suvarnabhumi International Airport. It departs from Don Muaeng International Airport (DMK) which is 40 km away. And here is some information for your transportation;



Service hour: 5.00 AM – Midnight

Duration: 1-3 HRS (Depends on the traffic condition)


  • Suvarnabhumi International Airport – Passenger Terminal 2nd Floor Gate 3
  • Don Muaeng International Airport –Passenger Terminal at 1st Floor

***The same day or the following day of Boarding pass, flight itinerary, or e-ticket need to be shown to the officer at the bus.





Your flight may arrive at Bangkok too early and you might feel too tired to see the city. The day-hotel could be a good option for you to get some rest before departing to Nan. Amari Don Muaeng Airport Bangkok Hotel, locates opposite to Don Muaeng International Airport (DMK), provides you a good day-room services (8AM-6PM). You could make a reservation or contact the hotel through the link HERE:


If you plan to travel around Bangkok before catching a flight to Nan, here is the options to get into the city;



The service train from Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok (BKK) is available between 6 am until midnight. Trains will depart from the level B (Basement) of the airport where you could get the ticket from the counter or the vending machine. The ticket costs from THB 15 to THB 45. The service is between Suvarnabhumi Station to Phaya Thai Station, stops at 6 stations on the way, namely Rajaprarop Station, Makkasan Station, Ramkhanhaeng Station, Hua Maak Station, Baan Tubchang Station and Lardkrabang Station. Travelling time from Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Phaya Thai station is 35 minutes. (Phaya Thai Station is connected to BTS Sky Train which is another option for exploring Bangkok.)


On-demand taxi services are available 24/7 at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok (BKK). The Platform of Passenger Terminal is on the 1st Floor, Gates 4 and 7. Fare charges according to the distance traveled plus a fee of THB 50 for the driver. (The fare starts from THB 35.)


In Thailand we have the application for Taxi services which are the “Easy Taxi”, “Grab Taxi” and “All Thai Taxi”. It is available on both Andriod OS and iOS. THB 20-50 extra fee will be charged for the service and they accept only cash. “Uber Taxi” is also available in Bangkok. (We would recommend “All Thai Taxi” services, but “Grab Taxi” and “Easy Taxi” is still good by far.)
Do not let yourself approached by unregistered taxi drivers! Do not accept rides from drivers who might approach you inside or in front of the terminal, you will risk to be overcharged and always check that the meter is turned on when entering in a taxi.

Not the best way to escort you to the city, but still the cheapest. Terminal is located at the Main Bus Terminal Station where is accessible by Free Shuttle Service within the airport from the main building as the details on the link here : .


550 Suvarnabhumi Airport – Happy Land (05.00 a.m. – Midnight)
Suvarnabhumi Airport – Happy Land:On Nuch Road – Praves District – On Nuch Intersection – Bangkapi Intersection – Happy Land (THB 34.- Throughout the route)

Suvarnabhumi Airport – Samuthprakarn (05.00 a.m.-10.00p.m.)
Suvarnabhumi Airport – Samutprakarn: Kingkaew Road – Wat Salud (Bangna -Trad) – Ramkhamhaeng 2 – Srinakarin Road – Theparak Intersection – Crocodile Farm – Samutprakarn (Pak nam) (THB 32.- Throughout the route)

554 Suvarnabhumi Airport – Rangsit (04.00 a.m.-10.00 p.m.)
Suvarnabhumi Airport – Rangsit: Ram Intra Road – Lak Si – Vibhavadee Ransit – Don Muaeng – Rangsit
(THB 34.- Throughout the route)
555 Suvarnabhumi Airport – Rangsit
Suvarnabhumi Airport – Ransit (Rama 9 Expressway) Dindaeng – Suthisarn – Vibhavadee Rangsit – Kasetsart University – LakSi – Don Muaeng – Rangsit
(THB 34.- Throughout the route)
Departure every 15- 20 minutes (after 11.00 p.m. – 02.00 a.m..every 1 hour)
558 Suvarnabhumi Airport – Samae Dam Garage
Suvarnabhumi Airport – Central Rama 2 (Expressway) Bangna-Trad Road – Daokanong – Exit at Wat Son-Suksawas Road –Ram 2 Road – Central Rama 2 – Samae dam Garage
(THB 34.- Throughout the route)




The Conference is being held at the Dhevaraj Hotel located at 466, Sumonthevaraj Rd. Nan Province 2 km away from the Nan Airport (NNT).


Many hotels provide free shuttle service to and from Nan Airport, please contact your hotel for more information on transportation. The taxi service is also available at the airport counter, the price is around THB 100 per trip and takes 5-10 minutes. No rental car is available on arrival, online pre-booking is needed.





Smoking and drinking alcohol are prohibited throughout the conference.