Opening ceremony and Welcome reception Nan Thailand

Welcome address by General Manager Guldbrand Skjönberg, International Safe Community Certifying Centre, November22, 2015 First of all: warm greetings from our chairman professor Leif Svanström. He is very sad that it was not possible for him to participate in the conference this time. He is sending his best regards to […]

Welcome address by General Manager Guldbrand Skjönberg (22.11.2015)

(22.11.2015) Opening ceremony and Welcome reception Nan Thailand 1. Nan Culture Welcome (20 mins) 2. Nan provincial governor (7 mins) : welcome speech 3. Mayor of Nan (7 mins) : Nan municipality a Safe community 4. Video Presentation (5 mins) 5. Introduction (5 mins) 6. Chair Mr. Chayapol Thitisak, Deputy Permanent Secretary […]

Opening ceremony And Welcome reception