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Plenary Keynote

Plenary 2: Achievement of Safe Communities over the decades: from Lidköping to ……..”

By Prof. Koustuv Dalal, SWEDEN



Plenary 3: Injury Prevention Knowledge and Skills Transfer

By Dr. Gary A. Smith, USA


Panel 1 : The Role of Communities in Community Safety Management

Political leaderships and community participation for a sustainable Safe Community

By Prof. Joonpil Cho, KOREA



The Role of Communities in Community Safety Promotion – Initiators, Supporters, Implementers and Beneficiaries

By Prof. Lu Pai, TAIWAN



What communities can and should do in the Community Safety Management

By Dr. Yoko Shiraishi, JAPAN



The brain centre for energising people’s society, towards sustainable Safe Communities Culture

By Mr. Surapol Teinsoot, THAILAND


Panel 2: The Role of private sector in Safe Community

Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion: If money talks then why not private sectors?

By Prof. Koustuv Dalal, SWEDEN



Developing Defensive Driving Skills for Safe Society

By Mr. Chalat Wongsanguan, THAILAND


DuPont Sustainable Development

By Dr. Somchai Laohverapanich, THAILAND



Hongsa Health Surveillance Start-up and Approaches Hongsa Project – The First Mine-Mouth Power Plant in Lao PDR

By Ms. Suranee Phusuwan, LAO PDR


Panel 3: Safety for vulnerable groups

The Research of Injuries and Depression among Taiwanese Indigenes

By Dr. Chao-Kuang Lin, TAIWAN



The Research of Injuries and Depression among Taiwanese Indigenes
By Dr. Chao-Kuang Lin, TAIWAN


Panel 4: Key Success on participation in national and international Safe Communities networks

Catalyzing injury prevention in Tanzania – from grassroots to the national stage
By Mr. Michael L. Wilson, TANZANIA



Parallel Session 1

1: Injury Surveillance (1) / Fire

Prevention Towards an evidence based Zero Vision on residential fires

By Ragnar Andersson, SWEDEN



Profiling bodily trauma by demographic and occupational characteristics among workers injured in the county of Gävleborg between 2007-2012

By Leah Okenwa Emegwa, SWEDEN



2: Safe Community (1) / Violence Prevention

Significant improvement of social security and public safety after the promotion of healthy city

program in New Taipei, Taiwan

By Hsien-Wen Kuo, TAIWAN



Teaming Up for Safety – Using Risk Assessment Tools

By Eva Vaagland, SWEDEN


Development Community Participation to Stop Alcohol in Wang Wa district, Nan province, Thailand

By Jurarat Suriyathai, THAILAND



3: Disaster

A study of in depth indigenous knowledge for Development of health management Model during

flood disaster in Centerof Thailand Community

By WipuskornKlai-ket, THAILAND


Prepare for Flooding Disaster

By Somboon Tangnoi, THAILAND



Community Fire Protection

By Vatthanachai Bunmana, THAILAND



Fire Drills and Fire Evacuation in school

By Sitthiphan Phanit-in, THAILAND



Parallel Session 2

4: Safe Environment / Injury Surveillance (2)

A Study on prevalence and risk factors in children with excessive lead in their blood and the risk of

lead poisoning in MuangSamutsakhon District, Samutsakhon Province

By Tipvarin Pumnoi, THAILAND


Development Community Participation to Non-smoking Community,

Tha Wang Pha District, NanProvince, Thailand

By Watchareekorn Piman, THAILAND


Community and Toxic Waste Management

By Natchapon Kerdkasem, THAILAND



Safe School Zone Project

By Sitthiphan Phanit-in, THAILAND



Environmental investigation for mass lead poisoning among children in industrial area of Samutsakorn Thailand

By Athipat Athipongarporn, THAILAND



5: Child Safety (1)

A Long-term Evaluation of Interventions on Preventing Preschool Children’s Injury in a Safe Community in Shanghai from 2009 to 2014

By Shuangxiao Qu, CHINA


Child Restraint with Lifestyle in Thailand: A case study of Khon Kaen Province

By Suwanna Thadapipat, THAILAND



The skill in swimming to prevent drowning among children

By Chantharat Khamkoet, THAILAND

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Distl, Spitzer, Hoellwarth: A Safe Children Community – Our way from Theory to practice

By Sabine Distl, AUSTRIA



Model development of helmet use promotion among child Motorcycle passengers by applying the

social marketing

By Khajornsak Janpanit, THAILAND



Prevention of Children from drowning

By Athisak Puyati, THAILAND



6: Road Safety (1)

Determinants of red light violation among Thai rural motorcyclists

By Orapin Laosee, THAILAND



A community based social identity approach for pro-environmental and safe travel mode choices

By Inge Ernald Simonsen, NORWAY



Parallel Session 3

7: Safe Elderly / Safe Hospital / EMS

Novel 5-step program for reducing substance abuse related problems byintegrating hospital, detention center, and community

By Tien-Yu Chen, TAIWAN



Services and Development of Primary Emergency Medical Service (FR HINLAD TEAM)

By Songkran Saenram, THAILAND



EMS Reporter : capacity building in mass communication

By Suwapat Apinyanont, THAILAND




An Improvement of EMS by Integrated Network at Dansai District, Loei Province

By Pornpilai Niyomtin, THAILAND




8: Safe Community (2)

Impacts of Safe Community programs at Kagoshima City, Japan

By Harumi Furukawa, JAPAN



Strong Wangsaipoon Sub-district with Non-violence

By Nathree Kultham, THAILAND



Long-term evaluation of Safe Community Program in Taiwan

By Chi-Hsiang Chung


Parallel Session 4

10: Safe Community (3) / Safe IT /Emerging Disease


Teacher Safe: Digital application as an occupational Safety tool

By Brita Somerkoski, FINLAND



Surveillance and Prevention of Dengue Fever in the Community

By Phimpha Daengrueang, THAILAND


Surveillance and Prevention of Swine influenza 2009 (H1N1)

By Suda Lawanrattanakul, THAILAND



Home after School

By Suganya Jinprapat, THAILAND



Injury Surveillanceand Monitoring Injury and Violence Risk Student

By Sitthiphan Phanit-in, THAILAND


11. Child Safety (2) / Safe School and Day care

Distl, Spitzer, Brandmayr: Development of Safe Schools in Austria – Our road to success. A European approach

By Sabine Distl, AUSTRIA


International Safe Schools at 15: Successes, Challenges and Future

By Max Vosskuhler, USA


Participatory Management of Safe School Project by using The PAOR Workshop Process

By Varee Sirirattanaamporn, THAILAND