Welcome address by General Manager Guldbrand Skjönberg (22.11.2015)


Welcome address by General Manager Guldbrand Skjönberg,

International Safe Community Certifying Centre, November22, 2015

First of all: warm greetings from our chairman professor Leif Svanström. He is very sad that it was not possible for him to participate in the conference this time. He is sending his best regards to everybody.

And than: Many thanks to the Nan community for organizing this promising 22nd conference for Safe Communities.

In the world now more than 100 million citizens have the privilege to live in a Safe Community.

We know that the reduction of injuries and too early death is more than 25 % in a Safe Community.

It is a lot of human suffering we prevent with the hard work we do in our Safe Communities.

It is also a lot of costs that are reduced for the communities, for private persons and for the whole society.

The underline for this conference is ”Involvement of Grassroots: The First Step to a Global Vision on Community Safety Promotion”.

Grassroots involvement is very important. We also from the beginning have had it as an important prerequisite. Cross sector collaboration involves NGO: s and NGO: s often are important platforms for grassroots. We also know from investigations in Sweden that what citizens most of all expect from the local community is safety and security.

The service will be better and more adopted to the needs.

One result of involvement is also pedagogical. Involvement results in increased knowledge and understanding.

Involvement also results in shared responsibility.

We also know that citizens that are not integrated in the society have higher risks for accidents and injuries cased of higher risk acceptance more violence and higher consumption of alcohol and other drugs.

The conclusion is that engaged grassroots results in a better adopted service that is cost effective and in citizens who are well informed and feel responsible.

Thanks again to Nan community and the organiser. We are so many people here from many places around the world and I hope the conference will be fruitful and valuable for every participant.